Experience and excellence in client services.

The professional background of each member of Alters has made them competent in the legal processes of many different areas. With vast experience in reputable firms in Seville, they are equally qualified in providing legal and economic-tax services to large companies in various sectors.

Salvador Guerrero del Prado.


Bachelor of Laws from the University of Seville, specialising in private law, 1987-1992.
He spent seven years preparing for the competitive state examinations in order to qualify as a Property and Notary Registrar.
Member 10,341 of the Bar Council of Seville since 2001.
He has worked as a Lecturer in Law on the Master’s Programme at the University of Pablo de Olavide.
He speaks Spanish and English.

After working as a legal adviser for the CEA, in 2001 he joined a collective enterprise, where in 2009, he became a business partner until October of 2017.

Throughout his career, he has put this experience into practice by advising leadingcompanies on urban planning, hospitality, construction and banking.

He is currently the Managing Partner of ALTERS where he practises law and is directly responsible for Civil, Mortgage, Registration and Urban Law. He has been a Bankruptcy Administrator since 2010.


Beatriz González Mellado.


Bachelor of Laws and Business Administration and Management from the University of Pablo de Olavide, 2007-2013.
Master of Laws in Business Litigation from the University of Pablo de Olavide,2013-2015.
Member 14,850 of the Bar Council of Seville since 2015.
She speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

She is a Founding Partner of ALTERS where she practises law and is responsible for Tax, Corporate and Bankruptcy Law. She actively collaborates in the areas of Civil and Banking Law. Her education in accounting and business allows for comprehensive business consulting, as well as being a necessary complement for the Bankruptcy Department.

Professional Experience
She began her professional career at J&A Garrigues Law Firm in the Litigation and Arbitration Department. She developed this experience further focusing on the field of corporate law in leading firms before becoming a founding partner at ALTERS.


María Doncel Torres.


Graduate in Labour Relations Law from the University of Salamanca, 1997-2000.
Member 1639 of the Colegio de Graduados Sociales de Sevilla.

She is currently a co-founder of ALTERS where she works as an Employee Relations Specialist and Employment Adviser for both companies and private individuals. She is responsible for Labour and Social Security Law and actively collaborates with all otherdepartments.

Professional Experience
Throughout her professional career, she has put her experience into practise by managing the Human Resources Department in various companies, advising them on Labour Law and Social Security whilst gaining a wealth of knowledge on labour affairs. She is currently the Head of the Employment Department at ALTERS.


Julia Rodríguez Conde.


Professional Experience
With many years of experience in law firms, she joined ALTERS in February of 2018.


Ana Suárez Bueno.


Bachelor of Laws from the University of Pablo de Olavide, 2014.
Double Master of Laws in Accessing the Legal Profession and Business Litigation from the University of Pablo de Olavide, 2015.
► Masters in Laws specialising in Family and Inheritance Law from the University of Pablo de Olavide, 2017.
Member 14,998 of the Bar Council of Seville since 2016.
► She joined ALTERS in November of 2017.
She speaks Spanish and English.

Professional Experience
Her professional activity has developed quickly since finishing her law degree. Her career evolved at a rapid pace in various other law firms, particularly in the fields of Criminal, Family and Inheritance Law. She currently practises Criminal, Family and Banking Law at ALTERS.