A solution for each need.

The expertise and experience of our team of professionals in different areas of legal practice allows us to offer legal services in the main fields of law from a cross-sectoral approach, paying particular attention to the needs of every client.
We are a multidisciplinary firm encompassing practically all areas of legal practice and we are organised into four departments that work together as one.

Salvador Guerrero, as well as being the Managing Partner, is in charge of the Civil, Administrative and Contentious Law Departments. He has extensive knowledge of Mortgage and Urban Law thanks to the years he spent studying for the competitive state examinations in order to qualify as a Property and Notary Registrar and he has more than 20 years of professional experience. He is also a specialist in Bankruptcy Law.

Beatriz González coordinates the Corporate, Bankruptcy and Tax Law Departments thanks to her double degree in Law and Business Administration and Management. She also actively collaborates in the Civil and Banking Law Departments.

Ana Suarez,has been responsible for the Criminal Law Department and Civil Liability since joining the firm when it was founded. She also directly manages the Banking Law Department, notably dealing with unfair terms.

Practice Areas.

Family and inheritance law (declaration of heirs, division of inheritance, divorces, modifying a divorce decree, implementation of proceedings on family matters, divorcesettlements, mental incapacity).

Contract law.
Royalties: domain, property, possession and servitude.

Survey and demarcation.
Horizontal property.

Homeowners associations.
Agricultural and urban leases.

Contractual and non-contractual liability.
Urban lease lawsuits.

Division of property.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, paying particular attention to every one of our clients. We build rapport with our clients by understanding their every need which results in a strong relationship based on trust. We anticipate the legal problems that may arise whilst always maintaining a high standard of excellence in our work and providing a tailored service for every case.

Termination of contracts of employment.
Dismissals and settlements.
Drafting of employment contracts.
Unpaid wage claims
Modification of working conditions.
Work permits and leaves of absence.
Collective disputes.
Work disabilities or accidents.
Workplace harassment and mobbing.
Trade union rights.
Social security.
Criminal labour law.
Employment grants.
Specialist advice.

Advice and representation before the authorities.
Liability of public administration.
Traffic and transportation, offences and penalties.
Urban planning law (urban development, permits and licenses, administration agreements).
Contentious-administrative appeals against the actions taken by the publicadministration.
Economic-administrative claims.
Disciplinary files.
Agreements with the public administration.
Permits and licenses.

Corporate Law; Business consulting, business partners and administrators, formation and dissolution of companies, the purchase of company shares, attending board meetings, increase and reduction of capital, challenging corporate resolutions, agreements between partners. Actions of administrator and business partner liability.
Bankruptcy Law and business restructuring. Refinancing agreements. Legal advice regarding resolution of current or imminent bankruptcy. Pre-bankruptcy legal advice regarding finanical and labour restructuring. Legal advice regarding insolvency proceedings defending the insolvent party throughout the entire process as well as the creditors and other parties involved, purchase of assets or productive units, notably, legal advice for the party affected by the ruling. Bankruptcy of Natural Persons. We are also insolvency proceeding administrators.
Intellectual and industrial property.
Competition Law.
Due diligence.

We provide legal direction through criminal proceedings as well as advice on criminal law. We act on behalf of the defense and the prosecution.

Economic criminal law.
Criminal liability of a Legal Entity.
Crimes against the patrimony and the socioeconomic order: scams, robberies, theft.
Fraud (embezzlement, false administration and misappropriation) and punishable insolvencies.
Corporate offences.
Crimes against Public Finance and Social Security.
Crimes against workers’ rights.
Privacy offenses, slander, offences against image rights, the inviolability of the homeand family relationships.
Offences against intellectual and industrial property.
Crimes against road safety (compensation claims, injuries, aftermath, death). Drink driving and disobedience of authority.
Crimes of bodily harm and crime against personal liberty.
Criminal damage.
Crime against territorial and urban planning.
Crimes against historic heritage.
Environmental crime.
Penitentiary law.
Gender violence and domestic abuse.