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legal advice

Alters is a law firm that adopts a modern vision regarding client care. We offer effective solutions for both private individuals and businesses that respond to legal problems in the main fields of law: civil, labour, administrative, corporate, criminal...

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals is led by founders Salvador Guerrero and Beatriz González, all of whom have extensive experience in the settlement of legal disputes and law suits.

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A leading firm

Alters was founded in the autumn of 2017 as a result of the synergy among law professionals who had an alternative vision of law practice. Our office, which is located on Avenida de la Palmera, can be distinguished by its modern attractive appearance andis a true reflection of the way we work to help our clients.

Expertise and comprehensive advice

The firm excels thanks to its specialisation in the area of bankruptcy. We have experience from the perspective of the counsel defending the insolvent party as well as from the perspective of bankruptcy administration. Likewise, Alters has a proventrack record in refinancing, preventative bankruptcy solutions, company acquisitionsand mergers. Consequently, we provide comprehensive legal advice for clients and businesses in fields such as real estate, hospitality, new technology, industry and agriculture.

The client is the driving force

Alters adopts a work methodology based on achieving results and ensuring that the client is at the centre of the entire process. We reduce the everyday stress caused by legal problems by building a relationship based on trust and providing a tailored service for every case.

Integrity and values

Our philosophy at Alters means that we value initiative, creativity, trust, reliability, flexibility, the ability to adapt and to learn from one’s own mistakes. The pleasure of doing a job well and of being able to position ourselves as a leader in the sector are also values that we hold in high regard.

Avda. de La Palmera, 19D 3º Izq. 41013 Sevilla.