Criminal Law

The expertise and experience of our team of professionals in different areas of legal practice allows us to offer legal services in the main fields of Criminal Law from a cross-sectoral approach, paying particular attention to the needs of every client.

Legal direction through criminal proceedings
We provide legal direction through criminal proceedings

As well as advice on criminal law. We act on behalf of the defense and the prosecution. Namely: Economic criminal law.

Criminal liability
Criminal liability of a Legal Entity.
Crimes against the patrimony and the socioeconomic order: scams, robberies, theft.
Fraud (embezzlement, false administration and misappropriation) and punishable insolvencies.
Corporate offences.
Crimes against Public Finance and Social Security.
Crimes against worker's rights
Crimes against workers’ rights.
Privacy offenses, slander, offences against image rights, the inviolability of the homeand family relationships.
Offences against intellectual and industrial property.
Crimes against road safety
Crimes against road safety (compensation claims, injuries, aftermath, death). Drink driving and disobedience of authority.
Crimes of bodily harm and crime against personal liberty.
Criminal damage.
Crimes against historic heritage
Crime against territorial and urban planning.
Crimes against historic heritage.
Environmental crime.
Gender violence and domestic abuse
Penitentiary law.
Gender violence and domestic abuse.

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