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legal advice

Multidisciplinary teams, the integration of new technologies in our work methodology and a more direct and interactive communication with our clients are our present and future. A 360 attention to the needs of the client based on our experience and legal knowledge.

Connect with innovation


The number of new products and protocols, as well as the complexity of evaluating, defining, classifying and regulating them, requires a decentralized, independent and immutable technology. Blockchain encryption solves all these problems and offers legally valid certification.

Bussiness model

The "one-off services" are evolving towards others where the relationship with the client prevails, making it more recurrent and avoiding its "extinction" once the provision of the service has ended. That is why at Alters we are committed to offering customers 360 attention to their demands.


Thanks to bigdata analysis tools and the development of powerful search engines, it is possible to apply the law in force with no margin for error, as well as review large amounts of documents for subsequent informed decision-making. These resources allow the massive analysis of contracts in minimum time or the drafting of a large number of legal documents, speeding up time.


The main threat facing law firms is ransomware, according to the report. At Alters we are prepared to protect ourselves against these new forms of crime, effectively protecting our data and that of our clients.


It is essential not only in terms of productivity and flexibility, but also allows greater efficiency when resolving and acting in the legal field. At Alters we have the tools to carry out the digital transformation of our clients.

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